Hey UG Forums! I just plugged in my KE3 Kelly into my Peavey Valveking and I was getting a light muddy crunch on the highest gain setting on the amp even with my guitar volume all the way up. Same amp settings, I switched over to my old warlock and it sounded heavy as it should. What's up with my Kelly?
What exactly do you mean a "light muddy crunch". Can you record the Jackson and BC Rich and how they each sound?
I basically set the gain all the way up and get nothing but a little fuzz but when I plug in the BC Rich, I get the full on sound. I'm thinking maybe the output on the Jackson is ****ed or something.
The jack is more than likely worn out, try wiggling the cable while it's in it and if that makes it better or worse then you know it's the jack or it could be some loose wiring.
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