Hi everyone, so this is my cover of Deliver Me by the awesome aussie band Parkway Drive. I know it's not new, but it's such an awesome song I had to cover it !


Sorry for some minor f***-ups here and there... I'm notably kinda off rhythm in one of the breakdown and in the end...

Here is my signal chain:
ESP LTD EC-1000 w/ EMG 81 - M-Audio Fast Track - Reaper - VST Plugins: BTE TS' Secret - Poulin Lecto (on left track) Poulin Le456 (on right track) - Poulin LeCab2 w/ RedWire Mesa V30's impulses - AcmeBarGig CabEnhancer - ReaEQ - ReaComp - ReaXComp - ReaGate.
And I used Overloud TH2 for the Clean part.

Please feel free to comment (constructively ) and if you have any question I'll gladly answer them !