What are some acoustic songs I can learn at my skill level? I'm more of a metal player, but happen to be missing strings on my Ibanez electric. I don't mean to brag, but have considerable skill- all the metal basics (palm muting, tremolo, alternate picking, trills, galloping, tapping, legato to some degree, you get it.) - and can execute these just as well on acoustic, even tapping. But I'd like some songs that help with more complex techniques and chords, such as barre chords, and just more technical use of the fingers in general. I'm into bands such as Opeth (currently working on Patterns in the Ivy as a jumping off point), Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater, The Beatles (want to learn Blackbird or Norwegian Wood when I get better) and material of that nature (acoustic wise). If you guys could recommend me something that doesn't jump so far ahead skill wise and if any of these bands, please with more emphasis on the acoustic, as I don't have a pedal. Thanks for your input.

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Hourglass by LTE. Really fun acoustic song. Not exactly too difficult though. It may too easy for you.
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Blackbird is more an beginners song than an intermediate, at least on acoustic. Check out some basic travis picking patterns or try some classical pieces to develop your fingerstyle technique a little bit more. A simple one to start with that I think you'd like would be Crimson Towers by Dissection. It's not classical but it sounds a little baroque to me. Other, even more basic one just to get your fingers going, would perhaps be Dream Theater's Another Day, the acoustic parts. You could also try Tarrega's classical guitar tune Lágrima.

Well, good luck with the practicing.
I may look into those, especially Blackbird, and possibly try to sing along, but is determined to nail this Opeth song and won't rest until doing so. A friend of mine said Dream Theater's acoustic is strenous on the fingers.