Hey, so I'm looking to get some new equipment. I'd like to get a tone somewhere in between the bands Adaliah and Volumes. Kind of a hardcore/metal tone. I'll worry about a cab later, because my current cab sounds okay. I was thinking about getting a Bugera 6262 because I don't think I can afford a 6505+, but I know next to nothing about pedals.

I currently have an ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000 and I'd say my spending limit on a head is about 600 dollars max.

What kind of head and pedals do you guys think I should get?

Adaliah: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBnj-Ed8ERc
Volumes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUNvv8S1QYk
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You can get a used 6505+ for $500 if you look for it.
I'd also look into a Carvin V3, Peavey XXX or JSX, all of those will get you a bit more versatile of a sound, should still be able to nail the -core tones.
All these should run you about $500 if you really look, as far as pedals go just find a TS-9 or an OCD
Used 6505/5150

Used Jet City JCA50
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