I am replacing the bridge which is a two point trem bridge. The studs are 55.9 mm apart. I'm looking for something under $150.
The Super Vee Bladerunner is about $150 and it's the best bridge youll find. It improves tone, sustain and tuning
What itamar100 said, a wilkinson bridge or with little modding even a PRS bridge could be thrown in there which is also some sort of improvement over a normal strat bridge.
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Alright i was thinking a wilkinson and then i had a bunch of people say that they dont fit (which is bull$h!t) and blabbering about super vee's. All i have to say is wilkinson is the way to go!
Wilkinson (yes, they do fit! standard strat sized rout), Hipshot (I've heard they're decent, though I've personally never used one), Fender's USA 2 point trem (awesome bridge, just as good as a wilkinson), Super Vee...
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I came on here to say wilkinson, but it looks like a few have beat me to it, but they are VERY good bridges for the price, good luck man!
Thanks, i put in an order for a lot of parts today including a new wilkinson bridge and I'm very excited!