This again

Budget: 250CAD, can be stretched a little

Artists: I like John Petrucci's tone, and Black Dahlia Murder's tone. Think full and rich, but without going overboard with distortion, I like clarity and lots of mids.

Preferences: I like thin necks and 24 frets if possible. Ibanez, ESP, Jackson, no underground brands.

Pickups: HSH, HSS, HH. Basically, there needs to be a bridge humbucker


Downtown Toronto

Here's the thing, my parents are buying me this guitar, and they won't settle to buy used and it almost certainly needs to be store bought, or from the website of some reputable store. There really isn't much leeway here, its their money after all.

Current gear: None. I also plan on buying a small multi effects and headphones to use in my dorm. So some help in that department is appreciated too.

Yamaha Pacifica 112. You wont find any even half decent new ibanez or esp ltds for that price.
Used definitely, but not new.
Roland Cube 20
Vox VT20+
Peavey Vypyr 15.

The pacifica is an awesome guitar for the money.