Cheers mates!
This is my first post on the ultimate guitar forum so I'm excited about that (not really

I have searched through the forum trying to find answer to my problem but I haven't found it.I've seen that many people have problems with cracking noises from the pickup,but my problem is a little different.
So,3 months ago I bought myself a new guitar after months of reading reviews,opinions and so on.I bought a Schecter C-7 Hellraiser mit Floyd Rose.
It also has EMG 707 coil tappable pickups,two volume pots,one tone pot and 3 way switch.The guitar was perfect till 4 days ago.Then the problem started.

Actual problem
When I turn the bridge volume knob from 0 to 10,it steadily loudens the sound until it reaches about position 1.Then the volume is maximum at that position.Like it's in short circuit.If you try to turn it more,it goes normal again like it should.This occurs whether I have the coil tap pushed or pulled.Interestingly,this doesn't happens to my neck pickup volume control,only to bridge.

Here's what I think how it happened
I had a gig some 80 km from mein hometown and I had to drive there.So I drove myself on the freezing cold (the car heating sistem is bad) and when I got to the gig,I had to wait for like 10 minutes on -13 degrees.My guitar was in a gig bag and when I took it out she was really cold.I think that some water condensed in the pot when I transferred it from outside to inside.If you occured this problem please share your experience with me,if not,the guitar ist still under warranty,so I'll guess I'll just drive it to the Schecter store.But that would be another 100 km ride so I fear of more problems happening.

That's it.I hope somebody will know where the problem is at.

Try to clean it or get a new one. It's like a $2 part to replace.

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