So ive been around this forum trying to get this right for almost a year now. My main problems with this recording is not enough bass or presence in the rhythm guitars. i think i over-tried to separate bass from guitar and now there isnt enough bass in the guitars. Also, i dont feel the kick really at all. I have it boosted at 50 hz and tried to cut all other tracks at 50hz. also, the first solo just doesnt sit well in the mix and i spent probably the most time trying to get it to do that.

So i want it to sound way heavier in rhythm guitars, way more kick from the kick, and more articulate bass.(my bass track is actually pretty cool.)

also, just for later, im going to use slap bass in the chorus where the song is heaviest and id like some pre-record help on how i would get that to be really present while still being bassy. if anyone can help with that...

EDIT: The rhythm guitar is pretty much doubled all the way, but during the 2nd phrase of the verses, the rhythm guitars split with one playing power chords and the other playing third diad chords... but you cant really tell at all... anyone know a way i can get them to be separate, but still together? if that makes any sense...

aaaand... during the first solo, there is a walking bass line to go with the whole swing beat thing(METAL SWING!!!), but i found it ridiculously frustrating trying to get it to come through with the rhythm guitar and solo all still being present.
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I have shitty speakers on atm so i can't give much help but i listened anyway
The thing i noted about the solos where they were EXTREMELY loud. far to loud which subtracted from those section and may be causing your bass to be hidden
ciano - Cool song, Yes those guitars.. hmm - To me it really sounds like an EQ issue. Sounds WAYYY scooped. Are you using an AMP sim or did you mic your amps? There are a lot of high frequencies in the guitars. I would recomend you reamp the guitars and add some mids in there directly at the source. A slight smiley face EQ is ok for the metal sound but a V shape is really bad and cuts the guitars thin. Sounds cool when jamming in your practice area alone but add a bass, drums, vocals, etc and what you need is MIDS.. Tell us more about your setup and might be able to offer some suggestions on how to set things up if you are interested.

The leads are ripping tho! Excellent work and talent shining through. Maybe a bit much on the reverb but its not that bad as far as the "sound" goes.

Good luck and keep it up! =)
Thanks for the help!. I did put a v-shape on the guitars. i guess ill add more mids then. my setup was all through the usb output on my amp.

Peavey Vypyr 100w- USB
into Reaper.
I didnt use an amp sim because i like some of the sounds on my amp, but i did use a cab impusle sim since i didnt mic the amp.

What frequencies would you recommend I scoop, high pass, and low pass on the guitars? and the solos are really loud but if i turn them down i dont really hear them too well. any ideas? thanks.
It'll be hard to get a good tone out of a digital amp; the biggest thing is to try and get it sounding good at the source. High and Low Passes are enough, after that I'd sweep your EQ and try and take out as much of the horrible fizzyness as you can. Apart from that you should try not to eq it too much.

Also, proper mixing of bass and guitar to form almost one sound is a large component to making heavy guitar parts.
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