i have a PDP (chain) and a Gibraltar (strap) double kick pedals, my PDP kick stems sit so far back almost touching my leg so i thought something was wrong with the pedal so i went and bought the gibraltar pedal and its the same way ive sat there for hours tring to figure something out but i just cannot get it to adjust. i know these arnt the best pedals but i still think i should be able to put it whereever i want. does anyone have a problem like this? or is this just the way it has to be?
What do you mean by stem, exactly? The beater?

I can't really say considering I don't know exactly what pedals you're using and have never owned a pedal from either company, but there should be a u-joint (a little screw, basically) on the beater assembly itself, which can be loosened or tightened with a drum key. What I'm referring to clamps the beater to the steel bar which swings when the pedalboard moves. Just try to move it forwards... it should work, although some pedals don't have such a feature, pretty much only cheaper ones though.

Nothing is wrong with the pedal if the beater goes far back, as the beater angle is just a matter of preference. The ability to make that adjustment is pretty much ubiquitous on more expensive pedals. The pedal I have now (Trick Pro 1-V) and the pedal I had before (Off-Set) both do, same with pretty much every road-worthy pedal like the DW5000s and 9000s, Tama Iron and Speed Cobras, Pearl Demon Drive and Eliminators, Axis, etc.

And if in fact you can't change the beater angle then you're stuck with it I guess. Kind of a pain but I suppose you could try and sell both pedals and then get a better one.
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yes the beater, heres a link to the PDP pedal i have pedal and and in that picture its shows them sitting way back as well. here are the Gibraltar pedal gpedal i have messed around with with that TAMA cobras my friend has and they are nice but i dont hvae that kind of money at the moment. thanks for your replies