I was in Guitar Center the other day, they had a Peavey 3120 on clearance for $500. I asked why and they said it wasnt working too well. I plugged in, set up the tone I have on my XXX, and slowly turned up the master volume. There is something wrong with the output on it. It sounds like how the amp should but it is extremely quiet. Like with everything all the way up I could still hear the strings being strummed louder than the sound coming out of the amp. Any idea what would cause that? Im thinking its either the power tubes or the output transformer. I troubleshot everything else, and I know its the head. If its just the tubes I may see if I can get it for really cheap and fix it up. If its anything else, it may not be worth it.
not sure why the store wouldn't send it for a warranty repair then. is it used?

if it's new you could negotiate it as low as you can, buy it, then immediately send it in for warranty repair.

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