So, I was pretty set on wanting a Bass Big Muff. However, I recently saw this cover, and realized that the distortion he uses is amazing (he first turns it on at 1:39). According to his website, he uses a Digitech XBD Bass Overdrive. After hearing that, I'm torn between the two.

So, do any of you have experience with one or both pedals? If so, what would you say about them? I'd be using it for Alternative/Grunge/Post-Hardcore (think along the lines of Smashing Pumpkins, At The Drive-In, and Brand New's last two albums). I'm not looking for a metal type distortion; I'm looking for something that will give me a really full sound during climaxes (in situations like that, I'd most likely be playing chords, not riffing around).
go for the big muff as THE BASS Driver eats up the low end of your tone.......

Sources-Tried it the local music store.....
did d'arcy use a muff? I know muff and pumpkin go hand in hand, but isn't it Corgan and Iha that used them? you'll need to try it, cause idk if dhruvd means the boss bass driver or digitech or what.

a sansamp bass driver might be a good idea to kill several birds with one stone, and stomps some mids like the muff.

Muffs don't make you standout unless your using one with a Elvis cover band, with lots of gain and drop tuned guitars your creating more of a wall of sound.