Ok. I've been looking for a guitar to replace my Seagull S6. I know everyone will tell me I should just add a guitar instead of replace, but for various reasons, I cannot justify having 2.

Also, I've been having some difficulty finding anything in a store that I like, and no one seems to carry blueridge, rk, guild, etc around me.

So I was browsing around and came across the BR-140A. The think I like about it are the price, the 1.75" nut, Adirondack top, and from hearing clips on the web, I think I prefer the sound of mahogany to rosewood in a dread. I am growing tired of the S6 because the sound gets too muddled to my ears, especially when strumming moderately to hard. I assume it's the cedar top that causes this.

I'll agree that rosewood sounds "louder" and "more full", but whenever I hear a hog dread online I'm like... Wow all the notes are so pronounced, even the baseline.

So to the point... I can't find sound clips of the BR-140A anywhere. Can anyone help me out? I think one semi-local store carries blueridges(but most likely not this one) so I may go try some out and see if I like the feel, then take a gamble and order the 140A from Maury's. Sound like a good plan?

Blueridge BR-160A
Anyone? Im pretty much out of local options. There's one more store that I'm going to go to, then it's 100% mail order for me.

Went to a few stores today and try some of their pathetic stock. 3 Things have come out of it.

1. They don't have anything under 1,000 that sounds/plays as good as my S6.
2. I believe I am tired of a 1.8" nut and want a 1.75" or less.
3. I believe I want a neck with a greater radius than the S6.

Blueridge BR-160A
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Cool. I guess I'll call a store and ask them. What happened to this forum?

Im probably gonna order a br-140a, br-160a, or Yamaha ll16. Not sure why I'm telling this brick wall of a forum.
Blueridge BR-160A
i don't think it's so much that the forum is a brick wall. it's very hard to find a 140a or 160a. i've only played one of each, and to give you an idea of how many blueridges i see, i've played over 20 br-341's. the day i played the br0140a, the store i was in was humid, so none of the guitars sounded their absolute best. that being said, i loved the wider nut, and i'm a sucka for adirondack - i definitely preferred both the tone and the neck to the br-140, which is no slouch, either.

have you played any adi guitars? where a lot of people say it stands up to harder play, what i don't see mentioned is its difference in voice from sitka. combined with mahogany, it sounds just amazing to me, and while i didn't play this blueridge at its best, it sounded very good. you could hear that adirondack.

i haven't found rosewood to be louder, but it does have more overtones and bass, so i'd agree that it's fuller.

keep in mind that not only is the seagull nut is 1.8", but the neck is also fatter. i find the blueridge 1 3/4" nut neck to be slimmer, so you may well like it.

one thing, though - i owned an original s6, and it never sounded muddy although when played very hard the sound distorts a bit. perhaps if you're hearing muddy, it's too humid where you are, or you are using old strings or just the wrong strings.
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Well, I went to a store today that I just found on google. I never knew it was there, but I drive within 300 yards of it everyday on my way to work.

I wasn't planning on buying anything... but they had plenty of blueridges in stock. I played a few of them and really liked the sound. First one was a BR-70 I believe, another was one of the sloped shoulder jobs with the cross and rings on it. I really like the look of that one, not the sound so much, but the setup was horrible.

Then I turned around and WHAM! A BR-160A. I did a double take... yep, BR-160A. It had the old "gaudy" headstock though(which I actually like). I don't like the pickgaurd, but i'm not that 'picky'. Anyway, I played it... had some really old strings on it, but wow... a m a z i n g sound. Setup was just about perfect. I loved the feel even with rusty strings.

So I still didn't plan on buying the guitar, because I figured I need to get rid of my s6 first, and I didn't want to get killed by a store. I figured I'd come back later or order a 140A or 160A from Maurys. Oh, did I mention the price was LESS than Maurys? Not sure if it was because of the old headstock or not.

Anyway... They gave me $269 for my S6. I was expecting them to come at me with 100-150. I mean, they go for about $200 on CL and eBay from what I have been seeing. ( I paid $330 with tax for this S6 almost a year ago at GC ) So I was like... um... let me look at the 160 again...


Blueridge BR-160A
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congrats silverback ! nice guitar. sorry about xmas and all getting in the way of your thread. i personally have no experience with blueridges but i nothing but good things.
Thanks! Yea it's actuall a good thing I didn't see any responses. It made me search out more local stores that I never knew existed. And I never likes the idea of ordering online so... Win/win.
Blueridge BR-160A
congrats - i bet your new guitar sounds great! i have yet to play a 160A but i hope i run across one. we only have 2 blueridge dealers hereabouts, and they know me well by now
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I was able to try out a BR160A & BR140A a few years ago and was amazed at the sound - I bought the 140A. Congrats on your purchase as it is a great guit!!