Hey UG,
I found this kit on ebay:
and I have a few questions...
1. Has anyone ever bought from there before? if so, how are the kits?
2. Is it worth the money just as a learning experience and for casual use?
3. How difficult would it be to wire? (with the F holes n all)

I was looking at this as well. Looks like you'll have to drill all the holes yourself though. Wiring will also be a pain unless you're nifty with a soldering iron.
I've done rewiring jobs on countless guitars and the semi-hollow guitars are always a bit tricky when you first start.

What I would do is get a block of wood, or cardboard if you only plan to do it once, or something else similar and drill holes to hold all the controls in place in the same manner as they will be in the guitar. Do all of your control and switch wiring that you can outside of the guitar. Install the pick-ups and pull their wires through the F-hole and then solder those.

I usually feed some nylon string or fishing line through all of the holes and then pull it out of the F-hole with some tweezers to tie to the parts. Then I can slowly add all of the components into the guitar and pull them into place. I tape the string down with some painters tape or something else that won't damage the finish before I tie them to the components.

If you do a lot of rewiring it is a good idea to start making templates to hold the components in place.