I say go for it. Its a pretty standard 4 peice basswood kit. For the price you cant go wrong. Put new heads on it and it will do anything you need it to do.
I've heard some pretty horrible things about the Guitar Center leased OCDP kits. The production kits aren't the OCDP Custom kits and are apparently manufactured by GC and the build quality is shockingly poor. But that's what I've heard, and to be honest if they go for $650 brand new you're better off getting a pearl export/vision or Gretsch Catalina because in that $650 price range most kits are usually Birch/Basswood combos, not just basswood.

But if I were you I would try the kit out first
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Personally, I'd try to find a Gretsch Catalina Birch or Maple, or a PDP CX or one of their other birch or maple kits, best bang for your buck, but youll likely end up spending a bit more. It'll be well worth it though.
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