I finished recording this today, I would like some input on it, anything will help, I tried to add some variety to this one, but I feel like it still is a bit repetitive, but its a short song (only around 2:40ish). So please listen to it and give me your feedback

Like always leave me a link to your music and I'll C4C
Cool Rhythm and lyrics but you need to work on your voice a bit. It was slightly out of key and monotonous. Also, the sound quality wasn't great either and there was a lot of fuzz in the background. But overall, cool song.
As itamar100 said, you need to work on your voice. Also i found it lacked a bit a "power" compared to the guitar. As for the guitar, there's some clipping/fuzzing noise that kinda take away from it a bit.

With just a guitar playing the same rhythm and your voice, it sounds a bit repetitive. I would suggest progressively adding drums, a bassline and another guitar ? The ending was a bit sudden also.
The way I see it, it could be a song that starts a bit quiet (just a guitar and your voice) and progressively build up to something quite big.

c4c ?