Hi UG,

I've been playing my current electric guitar for about 2 years now, I think.
It's an Ibanez GRG170DX, lefty, an entry level model.
Lately I've been bothered by some problems, for example the body's form doesn't seem to fit me very well and when I put on thicker strings, the bridge comes off of the guitar. The sound isn't particularly amazing either. (I'm using a Roland Cube 30)

So I've been thinking about getting a new guitar and my teacher suggested I should get something Gibson, but my budget isn't that great, so I've been looking at guitars around 300-500 euro's, like Epiphone's standard Les Paul or the custom Les Paul

I feel like I should take a step up from the noobie/budget guitars.
The problem is, I'm unsure whether these models will actually be an improvement over my current guitar, since they're still fairly within the entry level price range. (They are, right? <.<
Now I'm curious, do any of you have an experience with an upgrade like this? Which guitar(s) would you recommend? Perhaps I should save up some more money for a better upgrade?
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that's wierd, I use same gear as you. I blocked the bridge after a few months because it just made my guitar go out of tune. If you put strings with higher guages you probably need to adjust the bridge.
I agree with you about the sound, but I don't mind the amp (I got a Boss ME-25 too though) but I have only played for a bit more than a year. Still I'll buy a new guitar soon and my bandmate recommend LTD/ESP guitar since I play metal. Jackson and LP sound interesting too.
You should mention what style/genre you like to play, since that would make it easier to tell what you should go for.
The epiphones will be a definate improvement but if you're patient enough to save and get something even better then there's never a reason not to.
I don't know what genres you play but in the same price range you could get a fender Mexican standard Stratocaster which is also a really cool guitar and definitive upgrade.
Get a Hagstrom Viking. I have one in lefty, its nice.
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