I'm looking into buying a new amp, I am currently using a roland cube 20x, and I dislike the sound (but maybe thats just my cheap strat).

I'm quite a noob at the technical side of things but hear that tube amps are the way to go for nice sounding tunes. I was thinking of buying a few pedals and using them with something like a Blackheart BH15 handsome devil (found one for less than £300).

Budget, around £300
Genres: pretty much most things from red hot chilli peppers, oasis, the who, beatles and some other stuff like indie/punk/blues, not so much heavy metal.

I will probably just be using it at home and sometimes late at night so it should sound good at lower volumes but be able to put out at normal volumes too.

current gear, TS9, Squier strat custom thing, roland cube 20x.
Maybe it's my guitar that is letting me down.

thanks in advance.
nice OP

I'd recommend the Blackhearts, a Marshall Class 5, Peavey Vypyr 60, Jet City amps, Bugera V22, and the Fender SuperChamp, Blues Jr and Mustang III maybe. Those are all pretty different though so play as many amps as you can I say....and go with what your ears tell you.
The devil is a great choice. I've owned mine for about two years and I love it. You can get blues and rock without pedals and it takes distortion pedals extremely well. You can keep the level low and crank the drive to get good natural od at relatively low volume too. You should test it for yourself obviously, but its a fantastic amp. It really benefits from getting rid of the stock tubes too.