I asked already in one of my threads about new guitar, but i think ill get here a better response...

1.Three months ago Ive done the stretching excercise petrucci gave,and 5 minues later my left hand super burning sensation, and like something is stabbing my palm, thought its carpal tunnel syndrome, but come on i got 17 years ... The pain is 'near' where diagram of carpal tunnel is, i just don't feel any tingling in fingers, just in palm.
2.Few weeks ago I didn't play for 4 days, took guitar and ,as an retarded malmsteen wannabe(bravo me,idiot), started shredding, my right hand started hurting right in the center of palm...A bit diagnolly right that is. The pain stopped after few hours. I tried increasing my grip in hands but no success..

3. And right now my god damn right arm feels like ive hit the funny bone. Just above the elbow, where the triceps is, i have that feeling you get when you hit the funny bone.

P.S. About the posture, well... I sit like a philosopher. Rest my hand on my palm of hand, sometimes i rest my elbow on my legs and jaw on my palm. Could it be the reason?
If you play while being uncomfortable a while without taking a break that can result in wrist and finger pain. Happened to me before, and I had to rest my arm for 2 weeks, but I played a little to not lose the guitarfeel completely.
I think you guitar playing technique is the only thing to blame from what you have mentioned, so my suggestion is to play in a comfortable way and take more breaks. And if that doesn't help, go see a doctor.
I used to have the same problem with some Petrucci exercises. I discovered that I was using too much pressure and creating a lot of tension in my hand.
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It's very important not to put too much stress into streching your fingers. Increase streches gradually and stop if you feel pain. Rest for a couple of seconds and try again, but remember not to cross the line.

I suggest you sit/stand straight keeping the posture that won't involve too much tensions in your body. It might not be the main cause of your problems but it will surely enable you to progress technically faster.

Think of relaxing every part of your body. If you feel unnecessary tension anywhere in your body - just think of it and release it while you breath out. It helps much and if you focus on releasing your tensions (that you might even not be aware of at the moment) you will notice much faster technical progress overtime.
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Think I see an interview with vai where he said the only time he was'nt playing his guitar was when he was recovering in pain.
Sounds like Tendonitis.
The usual treatment usually is manual therapy (massaging)
You can also get a steroid injection (cortisone) and some bandages..

Nevertheless, take care.. mine is still around and it has been 3 months since i first went to see a doctor.. i have already consulted 3 different doctors and they mostly and said retarded stuff that barely helped ( ond did blood samples FFS ???)

Although one gave me a special bandage and manual therapy and that cured the wrists.. im afraid that he best soltion would be to stop playing for around 8 weeks, but no doctor has told me to stop doing anything, i asked and they always say to keep doing everything normally.. so im exploiting that fact because im a musical addict.

Nevertheless go see a competent doctor, hopefully there is one around in your area sometimes those little pains dont really heal fully and contribute to bigger problems.
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Well, when i sit i usually have a posture ofa thinker, but with my jaw resting on my palm... Bored posture that is... But I play for 1 year I don't think i abuse it... Maybe i do... I use computer keyboard, but never felt anything when using it...
go to a doctor. why ask opinions on here? there may be a few Doctors on here. i interned with a surgeon for two years, he did mostly pain injections cortisone, and would operate but all he commonly did was knee scopes and carpel tunnels. i have watched dozens of surgeries he has done. he is a great doctor.

my point is if there is pain, there is a problem. see a doctor, some of those problems can get worse and do perminate damage.
Disclaimer: I must point out that Traumatologists are often referred to as the carpenters of the human body.

That having been said,

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my point is if there is pain, there is a problem. see a doctor, some of those problems can get worse and do perminate damage.

I cannot stress the amount of truth in this enough.