My grandmother found an old acoustic in her Attic and brought it over to me this morning. Its in pretty rough shape, but I just wanna find out more about it. It has a black pickguard with a knockoff Hummingbird design on it, screwed into the body. Its a red guitar with the orange sunburst. A design surrounding the soundhole, and tuners like a classical guitar. Dot inlays at the 5th fret, 7th fret, 10th fret, and 12th fret. The 12th fret is the last fret on the guitar before the body of the guitar starts (no cutaway).

Anyone know anything about this kinda guitar?
pictures would probably help
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drop it off to my house for a coupla years mainer. i'll figure it out..... or you could take ox's advice and post a few pics. ( i prefer my idea though- on second thought,screw ox ! drop it off to me- 1 more couldn't hurt could it?)
all i got from the pics was your first name IP address and your credit card numbers but, no pics of the guitar. oh and they said "thank you for choosing charter" well i'm off with my newfound wealth to the neareest guitar center....