So I need to get a new pickup installed, anyone know any good places to get this done? The local Guitar Center (Brea) is busy for maybe the next few days and I was wondering what some alternatives would be
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Go buy a soldering iron. I'd be happy to help with schematics and such.

+1. There are schematics for nearly everything between the Seymour Duncan and EMG web sites. If you don’t already know how to desolder, solder, etc. ask someone who does to teach you and buy him a six pack.
You can try Jim's, thats where I get my equipment set up. Though I bet they are probably busy right now too.

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Try the Fret House in Covina, CA. If it's good enough for Billy Gibbons, it's good enough for you.


Seriously, they do great work and they've been around forever.
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OP, just future advice, state which Orange County. i knew enough to look at your info near your avatar and saw California. Orange County in FL is where Orlando is and Disney world and like. there is an Orange County New York. probably quite a few more.

i know its easy to see on this site, but if you go to other forums they may not have a spot for location, then you get new yorkes, floridians, and californians all jumbled together.