My friend was telling me about this apparently some people actually sweep on the neck (placing the pick on the fretboard and doing the sweep from there, gliding the pick over the frets) I found a video where you can see someone doing it, its only a music video but at 2:14 in these video you can see clearly what I mean:


What are the benefits of using this technique to sweep? The only thing I can see about it that is different is that it means you cant play arpeggios which are higher up on the fretboard, as there is no space to put the pick, and thats no a good thing, so what is?
The only reason that guy does it is because is large and muscular figure doesn't permit him to.

OT: I think it would make sweep-tapping easier, which is what he is doing. Other than that, probably personal preference.
I don't think there is a reason, or any obvious one. Except the difference in sound from where you strum. Strum closer to the bridge you get a brighter sound, closer to the neck a warmer sound. That's about it really?
Usually people do that so as to be able to tap at the top of the sweep, doesn't look like Dylan's doing it in that exact instance but that's the main reason I'm aware of. He may also be looking for a much rounder tone than he was getting by sweeping over the pickup area, where you pick on the string does change the way things sound.
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That's usual sweep picking except he does the actual sweep motion closer to the fretboard, because the string tension is lower at the fretboard, compared to the bridge, as such, it is easier to do the pattern.
Less treble. Pick right next to the saddle, then pick around the 19th fret. Massive difference in sound.
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Less treble. Pick right next to the saddle, then pick around the 19th fret. Massive difference in sound.



TS as already said: It makes a huge difference for any type of picking. Just try this:

Start tremolo picking at the bridge pickup, keep traveling to the middle pickup(if you have one) continue towards to the neck pickup...
Now thats where everyone stops, but to hell with it just hop on the fretboard and keep going as high as you can.. you should notice a more"tubular" "rounded" sound when you are around fret 17 and higher.

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