I have a Zoom GFX-5 and I can't find the perfect Heavy Metal sounds in it.
I've tried to make a patch and they didn't sound good.

My guitar is Jackson RR5FR with EMGs (81 & 60)
My amp is Fender Frontman 15 G (I think that the problem in the sound)
I want Heavy Metal sounds from Zoom GFX-5 not from my amp. And I'm thinking about to buy a Peavey valveking
i just sold my valveking and bought a vypyr. Its more fun and im getting better metal sounds out of it.
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I don't want modeling amp. I want a tube amp

i'm proud of u, haha.

to be honest i hated my vypyr. i think either the valve king or a jet city would be a nice platform for a multi fx pedal. they should suit u well
Quote by Larsolsen
I want Heavy Metal sounds from Zoom GFX-5 not from my amp.

Again settings threads are banned.
i hate doing this, but *reported* you were guided to the proper place first, ignored it and had another reminder.
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alright "king of the guitar forum"

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nope i am "GOD of the guitar forum" i think that fits me better.

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youre just being a jerk man.

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