So I'm trying to find a 7-string set that goes up to around .68-70 guage but I'm not having any luck whatsoever. Do I need to get an 8-string pack and swap the 7th for 8th? I can't seem find a single string-set that goes over .56
thanks for the reply. i just spent 20 minutes scouring juststrings.com and musician's friend and still can't find anything over .54 that isn't a bass string. Can you point me in the right direction? Time is a factor as I need to get this recording done this week. I need at least .68, preferably .70-72.
Haha my paypal balance is 50 cents short of covering the price for the string I need. Canadian paypal takes almost a month for money to be added. So close but just my luck. Thanks though.
What are you tuning to that you need a .70? I use a .64 for a low G and it's not floppy at all. This is on a standard scale 7 too. Also, lower gauge = less money. I got 3 .64s for 10 bucks from that site.