Im just wondering because most of my VSTs sound like shit, is it because my pickups have very low output? Im using Amplitube 4 with Fender Stratocaster
I've got a Fender Strat that I run with Guitar Rig 5, and I love the tone I get out of it.

My single coil pickups are noisy, but Guitar Rig's built-in noise gate usually solves the problem.

I connect my guitar to Guitar Rig using an Alesis Guitar Link (USB to 1/4" Mono)

I've never tried Amplitube though
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I use a Irig for it but I'm upgrading to a focusrite saffire pro 14, so that should be better? right?
My Sound Card is the Generic mac book pro sound card
That could be sooooo many different reasons as to why you're not getting the right sound. what exactly is so bad about the sound?
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if it's something like guitar rig, it may be that the gate isnt turned up enough. i seem to have terrible feedback with single coils and feedback no matter what i use. i would try turning up the gate up a smidge. if thats not it get back to us, we'll figure it out.
"Then I just had a cage full of mice."