May be a silly question but bare with me.

I have two basses, one is Active and one is Passive. I have the Acoustic B200h head so I plug my Active bass in its Active input and the Passive bass goes in the Passive input. Very straightforward and makes perfect sense, but now I throw a pedal in the mix. I just got the MXR El Grande Bass Fuzz pedal and I'm just curious; given its 9 volt/AC power adapter I'm curious if I should be plugging my Passive Bass into the Active input on the amp or should it still be run through the Passive input despite running through the pedal?

i have't thought of that, but now i have the same question...
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It really doesn't matter.

Use the passive input unless you get horrible clipping from your bass sound. If it's so bad changing the gain setting on the input won't help, try the active input.

All an active input is is the input with a resistor to pad it.
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most active inputs just drop the decibel level from the input, because actives already have more power from the get go, just gives you some headroom. Your passive bass through a fuzz pedal into a passive input is 100% normal.

That being said active basses can sometimes make nice pedals sound not so nice and vis versa, fuzzes being one of them.