I'm looking for an attenuator for my JVM410h and 1960bv. I was looking at the altair,marshall power brake, thd hot plate, Weber or maybe a Alex attenuator or a black cat leash. I. Would like to stay under 400 even though the Alex and black cat are pretty much that. Used is definitely. Option I found the power brake for 200 and a thd 4ohm as well but I perfer 8 or 16 ohms.found the altiar for 120 but I'm worried about tone sucking and rumors of it coming unsoldered. I live in San Antonio Texas but found pretty much nothing on Craigslist. I'm willing to save for the Alex attenuator or the black cat but how do they compare to the power brake or thd? I like that the thd has nose reducing built in.
are you trying to get power amp distortion out of your jvm?

look for a used aracom if you are serious about attenuation.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
There's a nice DR Z one. Tbh, a JVM has a good preamp, and isn't that loud for a 100 watter. If you want it for home, get a practice amp. If you're gigging, it should be alright ayway.
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Both gigs and recording and home use butwhen at home I don't have to be too quiet. How is the Dr z on transparency
Yea I wasn't really thinking of the air break more of what I put in my first post
ok so if i was going to pick from the power brake, the weber mass100w or 200, thd hot plate at 16 ohms, alex attenuator or the black cat leash which should i pick or maybe narrow it down to? and why? also i couldnt find BurstbuckerPro's profile on here
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I can vouch for the THD Hotplate @8 ohms. Well, it is not a really transparent one but hey, works like a charm for my 120W 5150 head. I usually run mine at -12dB or -16dB attenuation, without using the fine tune knob for further attenuation, and I usually record like that at home. I also use the deep switch for retaining the low end response, but I don't use the bright switch at all. I'll post some sound clips when I get home.
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I use a hotplate for -8 dB maximum on my JTM45. After that, the sound just gets so compressed and tinny that I might as well just use my super champ.