ive got a distortion pedal and a wah pedal. Can i use them both at once? if so, how do you hook it up? is it amp->pedal->pedal->guitar?
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Yeah as simman said yes. However placement is important. I would put the distortion before the wah pedal.
Yeah there is. The wah wah is a filter. If you put a filter before a distortion pedal the distortion pedal is only going to distort the filtered tone. Depending on where the wah wah is positioned only certain harmonics will make it through. So if you put the wah wah after the distortion you will be filtering the already distorted sound meaning you will keep it's characteristics a lot more.

EDIT: Having said all that some people find that they like it better before the distortion, so it is up to you. There is no hard rule...
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I say guitar wag then distortion

I found I liked it better that way too... but I've run the wah before and after... I run the Wah even before my compressor, which I like at the beginning of the chain before distortion even..
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