Alright so I have only one Livewire Elite cable and the rest of my cables are just cheap cables. I was wondering if it would be more beneficial for me to put the Livewire cable going from the amp into the pedal board, or the pedal board into the guitar. I have a Peavey Valveking half stack, and I use an Ibanez Tubescreamer, and ISP Decimator for pedals. Any advice is helpful. Thank you!
The only benefit I've ever found from using nicer cables, is that they have nicer shielding. As for tone, I don't really think it matters. Others will disagree with me, but I can't hear it.
Amp to pedal board. Your Tubescreamer and Decimator are buffered so the cables after them don't matter as much much, provided they've got adequate shielding. And even in that case, low impedance signals are much less prone to interference so it shouldn't be a big deal.
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