This is last minute but I have an $80 Blackheart 4X12 cab;Hartford CT - One day only!

This bad boy retailed for over $500 at one point and I picked it up on sale for $280. My asking price? Just 80 bucks! The catch is that you have to pick it up some point tonight or by tomorrow afternoon.

Why so low? I go to school in Hartford and am traveling there from NYC tonight to clean out my dorm. I don't really play music much anymore and I have nobody to give this amp a home. Plus I'll be going abroad next semester. Rather than tossing it, I'm asking just 80 bucks to help offset my transportation costs.

I don't have a head or cables, but I do have a guitar if you would like to try this bad boy out. It works awesome, I used it with a Mesa Dual Rec and played it live a couple of times and it was a beast. Cosmetically it's in solid shape, about an 8.5 at least. However one of the wheels fell off and we had to replace it with another wheel and board it up. It's steady and should last, but it is a little uneven. Nonetheless it works great.

^note the one I have is not a slant, it's a straight. I'm in Hartford tomorrow (12/27) from about 2am until noon. I can stay a little longer if need be. Let me know!
Also, alternatively, I'm willing to barter. Ipods, phones, acoustic guitars, game systems and accessories, whatever you have for for trade throw it out there and I'll give it consideration [:
I'd love to take it off of your hands dude PM me!
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You wouldnt ship it would you or is this a local item only.
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