so i been wanting to get a humbucker equiped guitar with a good trem as i have a strat and tele and am going to be venturing into the harder rock and metal teritory.. im severly GASing over the ibanez S420 in the berryburst or whatever the red is called...

everything on paper looks great.. are there any downsides/ flaws to this guitar? or better deals on a humbucker guitar with a good trem $500 or under
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Rondomusic always has some really nice ones. Here's a Les Paul style with floyd:


and here's one with a look I'm guessing your more into:


Both under $500, and I know from experience that Douglas' are really great for their prices. Agiles' Ive heard are quite frankly AMAZING even though I haven't had the chance to try one out myself.
thamks for the suggestions. that spade is a hard tail though.. but how good is a licenced floyd from agile? the only licenced floyd ive heard is ok so far was jacksons
I've always thought they were alright, never a problem with them. Although I'll be honest I'm not the kind of person who likes to hold the guitar only by the trem if that's what your asking. I did happen to find that there's a review on here for the Les Paul:


Ah, and my bad on the other guitar for not noticing the tail; although they do happen to have a few 7-strings under $200 (or 8 strings if you really wanted, hell I think they even have a few 9 strings!) with a floyd.

here is a link to a thread i posted a week or so ago, a lot of good information.

the big thing about lower level ibanez's is the trem wearing over time and getting it out of tune when you use it or even bend a string.

there is a link in there about all of ibanez's tremolos.

i have a Prestige 3550mz and love it.
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