New amp is a Vox AC15C1, my first tube amp
The clean sound is awesome, and the drive sounds great with my Visual Sound TS clone.
For 15 watts it gets really loud (I haven't turned the volume up even halfway yet), but I am yet to try it with a drummer. It has a really "British" sound coupled with the Celestion Greenback speaker. It's a lot more punchy and warm compared to my old amp (VT30), which is a sound associated with tube amps in general. Sounds awesome with wah (V847) but my stock USA Big Muff sounds kinda lame (not as much gain, harmonics, "fuzzy" sound, mids). Luckily I'm building a BYOC Beaver tomorrow as I love the Big Muff sound but could use some more mids and control.

EHX Graphic Fuzz.
This pedal has a sort of hot-rodded OD tone. It doesn't affect the sound of your guitar and amp too much (can be a good or bad thing, but in this case I think it's good). The sound is very similar to Nick Zinner's (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) sound on the first and second YYY albums, after a bit of research I found out that he uses one as well. The envelope sustain/sensitivity control is really nice and responsive on the right settings.

Once I'm done building the BYOC Beaver I'll post pics and maybe a shoot out between that and my USA Big Muff.

I spent five hours today building this. It was totally worth it. It absolutely kills my stock Big Muff. The midrange selector knob is really convenient and versatile. If you can solder it's an awesome deal.