Ive been wondering, If the Jackson Ke-1 model that Marty uses has only 1 humbucker, and the Ke-2 and Ke-3 models have 2 humbuckers, how can the Ke-1 model compare to those two? Basically the later models are much more versatile than the first one, unless the Ke-1 has a better pickup and better wood, there is no reason to prefer that guitar over the two newer models, not? Id really want to hear some opinions on that, also some user experience might come in handy too.
Well it was probably his first favorite guitar... then he got new and much better ones then still plays his old ones from time to time. Kinda like James Hetfield's Kill Em All V.
Well thats the point, are they better? Im sure Jackson wouldnt make a signature model that is bad, there must be something to this guitar :S