So, I got a new ESP LTD MH - 327 for christmas, and I love it.
Of course, the first thing I wanted to change though was the strings, my old guitar, an ibanez gio, had a dive only tremolo bridge thing, so the 10 - 52 string I prefer above all weren't a problem.
The ESP however has a floyd rose special, and the bridge is now most certainly NOT parallel with the body. I tried adjusting the screws in the back of the guitar meant to tighten the whammy springs, but after getting them as far as they go the problem persists. From what I've gathered the next step is to go from the 3 springs that are there, and add one to make 4. I am slightly worried about the neck though (It is a neck through, if this makes a difference to strength), will adding too much tension cause possibly cracks/breaks/weaknesses?
And yes I know I will need to do a truss rod adjustment, I did on my ibanez and it worked out fine.
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you wont have any troubles moving up to 4 springs. i'm a small bit suprized tho you had to move up using the 10's.

Add a little tension / retune all strings / add tension / retune all strings
Yeah, in the process my high E snapped, and all strings are shipped in here so I gotta wait for that. But I took a spring out of my ibanez (which still works fine) and put it in the ESP.
Worked out just fine.
Call me Skeletor
i run all five springs in my MIM strat, Wolfgang, and i cannot recall but i do have one more guitar with a standard tremolo. the only one that isn't is my RG3550MZ, it has a different spring system that i like (ZPS30, but i have not put 11's on it yet, so there may be a little extra tweaking involved, but i think that it will have enough tension after tightening it.
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