I NEEEEED the bass tabs for Desolate by the band Hundredth. I have an audition this wednesday for a local hardcore band and this is the song ive been asked to play.
I mean this sincerely, and this is just my opinion from experience...

....if you have to come onto a forum to help to find tabs for a song to audition for a band your not ready to play in that band yet. Also your doing yourself a disservice by using tabs. You should listen to that song and figure it out yourself...its a far better way to learn it.

That said..if you find the root note of the guitar chord you will be pretty safe playing that note. So, find the tabs for the guitar (Iknow its out there) and know the tuning you can find root note. Also youll learn more of the guitars parts of the song whichwill help you out in the audition too.
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