My uncle just gave meh an Ensoniq DP4 effects processor.
Can I just run my guitar through the effects into my combo amp?
Or do I run my guitar through a mixer into some badass monitors?
Or can I do both?
thnx in advance
i am not getting on your ass or anything and will happily help anyone as long as its something i am unfamiliar with.

but you could have googled this. there was a ton of info in the first few of links, you would save yourself a lot of typing. us some time, and making sure you get accurate information.

i haven't heard of them that i can recall, click on the link.

Quote by Cruel Angel
cool, ty man.

its not a real big problem with me, as i learn about things i dont know about. like this, i had never heard of it, and did some reading on it and it sounds interesting.

some people are a lot harder on the initial poster.

also if this were to happen more and more often if people didn't respond to things like this, people would think it is okay and would do it with everything.

if you want to see something that is ridiculous look for that really long thread that silly6-string has going.

( https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1474994 ) he was making threads like every half hour for days, and everybody grew sick of it, and it got so bad that the mods don't let him start any more topics and gave him his own thread.

as long as the person is respectful, i will gladly help, however some people get pissy.