I just put 2 new rock/alternative songs on my music website: "Speak Those Words" is the song on top and "Take It All Away" is the next one down. If you review my music, I will review yours: I promise! Please tell me how you like these songs and how they can be improved. Here is the link:

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Speak Those Words - I'm digging this intro, the synth is really nice. The drumming is also pretty cool. The vocals just kicked in. Interesting effect on them. Another part just started. I really like it. Really insane sounding without it going over the top. Back into the main rhythm with some nice guitar work on top. Bridge thingy that leads into a synth part, then the vocal again. I'm really liking this. I like the heavy vibrato on the vocals. Sort of reminds me of PiL. I really liked this track. My only complaint is that it could sound a little fuller, in terms of production. It's not horrible, I just think it could be slightly improved. But overall, great song.

Take It All Away - Nice guitar intro, very melodic, in comparison to the last song. Wow, this intro is really cool. The crescendo going on with the drums is really good. I can feel the tension increasing. I like this guitar riff, the bass is nice, the drums are getting a little bit busier. The vocals are really good. It's no a complete change from the first track, but there's enough variation to keep it from sounding same-y. Same goes for the instruments. There's a sound here, but it doesn't feel like I'm hearing the same song over and over again. My only suggestion for this song is to maybe do a little more. With that intro, I expected a bit more of an "epic", but there were no drastic changes after the intro ended. Still, great song as it is. Right now I'm listening to Down The Avenue. It's pretty cool as well.
"Speak Those Words" - First off the synth really made me think of Poker Face at first (probably the same key) haha, but it's cool. Maybe it's just me, but I hear some The Killers influence in this track. Everything sounds good production wise. The vocal effects were almost too over the top, but I think it really goes with the atmosphere of the song. All in all a pretty cool song. It's not something I'd listen to every day, but it's good for the style.

"Take It All Away" - Pretty cool guitar intro. It's a nice change of pace from the first song that was almost over the top. I like the erieness building up when the kick drum comes in. I'm getting an old school vibe from this, something like Sabbath or Priest. Pretty cool in contrast to the last song. I do think on this one the vocal effects need to be toned down. To me they're just taking away from the song, where as in the first one they added depth. Cool little lead. Man this really has an analog feel to the song. I can just picture you piecing together the tape for mastering haha. Again this is a pretty good song too, but I just think the vocals need less effects on them. Other than that I enjoyed it.

Pretty good stuff you have going on. It's not exactly my style, not something I would listen to on a regular basis. But it's good and I can appreciate something outside of my box. Keep up the good work.
Take It All Away - Real nice intro. Great transition into the song. Reminds me of Black Sabbath. Good job overall.

Speak Those Words - lovely synth, and once again there's the old school vibe to this song. Great vocals on this song! I really liked this one a lot!

In Speak Those Words, there's a bit too much on the lead vocals. Like, it's too unnatural man. Bring it back a bit and it'll work out pretty well. The instruments I enjoy though. It was definitely something I woulda listened to back in grade 6 when i was into Alt rock and whanot.

Good stuff man, keep it up
To be honest, i dont really know much about this genre enough to be able to tell any improvements. It kinda bothers me that the riff in Speak Those Words repeats so much but you might've been aiming for a drone. The leads are definitely a nice addition, specially that solo at the end, which was my favorite part of the song. I cant really say much about the vocals except that they do sound unnatural.
I find the structure to be a bit weird in Speak those Words, but that's just my opinion. I feel that the Synth line right before the vocals come in is a bit unnecessary, the vocal style is very eerie and I like it! The guitar solo is cool! I think the drums aren't mixed all too well and don't come out as very powerful and doesn't do the song justice with its weak presence. Vocal harmonies are also very cool!

Good job, man! Not really my thing but I've said my views on it Keep it up!
I dig Take It All Away, especially the intro. Musically, I can't complain since it's not really my style, but keep going with your flow!

Mix/production wise, it sounds retro which is cool. As stated by the others, the effects on the vocals could be tuned down a bit.
I listened to take it all away. The guitar is a little too chimy for my taste. The distorted and chorused guitar sounds really cool. Very tooly. The drums sound nice, although i wasn't crazy about how you panned the highhats, it was pretty disconcerting. The snare really makes me think of 80's rock. Vocals had too much effects i think.
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Thanks for reviewing, the intro is just a reverse delay guitar solo, and thanks for the comparision! the vocal bizzareness was definately what I was going for, the sloppiness is just because we recorded things in the wrong order which kinda messed things up. Will learn from this mistake.

On to your stuff!, really liked speak those words, had a slightly unnerving quality to it. I liked the sparse use of voice and it had a real good 'groove' (for want of a better word). I imagine I'd like it even more stoned!

I liked take it all away as well, and with similar comments.

I've realised you remind me of kasabians empire period (which I loved).

Keep it up, I like what I hear!
The music style isn't for me.But I really liked the vocals in Speak Those Words and the melody was also quite funky.The second song is definitely psychedelic.I could imagine smoking a joint to this .
All in all very nice.
Thanks for the crit on mine!

Speak Those Words- The rhythm guitar tone is kinda meh, not terrible, but could be better. I notice because your stuff generally has excellent sound/guitar tone/production. The synth sounds are fantastic though. Vocals are very good and fit well over it. Nice composition, as always from you.

Take It All Away- Like the guitar tone in the intro more here. It takes a little while to get going though, before the drums come in. Nice synth sounds again. Like the echo on the vocals, a few people commented maybe too much effects on them, but I disagree, I think it suits the music perfectly.

Overall very good as usual, Speak These Words was my favourite.
Thanks for the crit on my band...
A lot of radiohead influnce on both the songs.especially the vocals
"Speak those words'' - u nailed the the vocals harmony on this song...sounds damn good...i enjoyed the guitars on this one....

"Take it all away" - I loved the intro ...could have used more guitar effects for a psychedelic song....Synths r pretty good.Can experiment more on them....as paidepk said a joint on this song is a must....
"Speak Those Words" - Could become a pretty awesome song if you re-recorded the drum-part becouse at some points it simply wasn't tight enough for me. The other parts of the song worked very good together, maby the rhytm guitar tone could have been a bit better, it's not bad but I think it could be better, the riffs themselves are great though. The leads are pretty perfect and so are the vocals. Great song.

"Take it all away" - A good song but it doesn't seem very inspired by "psychedelic" rock bands.. It sounds exactly like something RUSH could have recorded when drunk, though (It's not really meant in a bad way it's just how I think it sounds). The intro is pretty good and the synth and drum parts were great.
Speak Those Words - The beginning synth is really really cool, the drums could have a bit more power behind them to really drive the whole intro along in my opinion. The cymbals were a bit too loud with the hi hat not being loud enough in the mix. Also, the lead synths were WAY too high in the mix which really overpowered that section. The vocals are different, I guess if you heard this on the radio you could go "Oh, that's this band", they're that unique :p

Take It All Away - The clean tone is really icy and lacks body, but I guess it fits in with the style so I can't really comment badly on it, just not my cup of tea.

Overall good songs, slight mixing issues in my opinion, but that aside, quite good.
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Speak those words - Love the synth/tremolo effect, melodies are great and it's gotta super cool vibe. The effects on the voice sound really cool also. Once again, the synth's are really sweet. Overall a really cool song.

Take it all away- Really digging this intro, it's mellow and pretty emotional. And it goes in a totally different direction! Really cool stereo effect, everything's going together really nicely, my head's bobbing to the beat. Vocals come in, the songs becoming mesmerizing. Can't really make out all of the lyrics, but the melodies are strong, and the effects sound cool so it doesn't take away from the song too much. Ended really strong. Sick song, I liked it.
So ive listened to a fair amount of your stuff at this point and i have to say im a fan of it so this time around im going to nitpick a little more than normal because i think your songs are definitely good enough to hold their own against it

Speak all those words: Really like all the sounds so far so im focusing in on the drums - solid beat, now looking for variations. drums change around 37 and sound good but then right after i feel like theres a beat missing or something. it corrects itself right away but right before 40 it stumbles a little to me. vocals just came in, for some reason i wasnt actually expecting any but its a pleasant surprise. the change up at 130 kicks ass. drums are tight here too. i really like that backing vocal part that happens at 2:45 (and elsewhere). vocal effects make them difficult to understand at times but really they strike me more as just another instrument in your implementation of them rather than each word being vital in itself. overall this my be my favorite song of yours yet.

take it all away - digging the chorus feel, waiting for something besides guitar to kick in. build up is feeling epic, i kind of wish the droning bass note came in a little stronger though. those deep notes are what builds the tension. the drums are whats really driving this track forward right now, the instruments were giving me a big, slow feel but the drums were going quickly with lots of snares pulling everything along with it. if youre going for the heavy feel id roll back the drumming a little bit as that comes in but now that the track is underway its all rocking forward so i guess they fit. i was ready for something a little slower so at first my brain was kind of resisting the faster feel of the drums but like i said once everything else got going i figured it out and it makes more sense to me now. hopefully you can follow that bit of rambling. im listening to the beginning again, to me the chorus guitar is very pensive, it doesnt sound sad, but at the same time it gives you that heavy feeling like it almost is anyway. the couple weird notes after that are brilliant because i feel like everything just drops off the table and the rest of the track emerges out of some dark depths starting from there. i like how the kick drum starts it and thats the slow heart like thumping i was expecting to stick around, the snare is really the impetus of uplifting ti was talking about. the pounding bass comes in speaks to that too. \

you might not even remember since i took so long to get back to you but thanks for checking out my song and sorry about this delay. in the future ill be much more prompt. looking forward to hearing more stuff from you, always a pleasure
I actually really liked the first track! I'm not a huge fan of the vocals but it doesn't take away from the tracks. The drums and low end get a little muddy at times on both tracks but overall pretty good production. I think the lo-fi/old school production feel fits the music nicely. Good job
Speak Those Words: Good use of effects. I like the synth, it adds a lot. Good song. Maybe bring the guitars up in the mix a bit.
Take It All Away: Intro seems kind of long. Once the song gets going it pretty enjoyable. Slap bass is kind of eh. Chorus is pretty catchy.

If either song came on the radio I wouldn't change it
Regarding Speak Those Words: at 0:51-0:54 the synth sounds kind of odd but I think that might be the delay. the lead guitar part around 1:45, I would maybe have it stand out a little more, at least until the other guitar comes in because in the mix it sounds a little weird not having much volume.

also, I would recommend having all the lead instrumentation link a little more as they seem kinda sporadic over the background riff and don't flow into one and another at all. If possible I would even change the rhythm guitar up a little bit as I only counted two separate parts and they get a little monotonous after awhile
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checked gorilla wave surf, sounded like a funky name, im sleepy and dont wanna crit all night....real funky jive,great quality, all the effects dont drown out the instruments tone and everything is pretty level but i felt like it was building to something and never got there I still love it thought good show
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writing as im listening.

1st off, not really my style, but not bad either. i think the drums are kinda lost in the mix. synth parts are kinda cool. wasnt expecting that on the vocals, but it works once i get into it. the overall sound to me sounds a little dry in my opinion. how did you record it? on your own or in the studio? overall not bad, i thought you maybe needed another part like a bridge or something, also kinda didnt expect it to end when it did.

2nd song. is that an acoustic into a chorus? the part after seems pretty neat, kinda like a movie from the early 90's or somthing, like when the bad guy shows up. vocals coming in, not bad. sounds almost punk. i think this one needs something else too. it kinda goes along nicely but there arent many changes to the rhythm or overall structure. this one also kinda just ends as well.

not sure how much my opinion matter here cuz this is pretty out of my style of music. its all opinions anyway.
Thanks for the crit man! For some reason "Speak those words" isnt playing for me so ill have to crit take it all away only.

Take it all away - first listen through it felt like the song didn't really start till around 1:00. but the second time i listened to this it had definitely grown on me haha, i really enjoyed this. at around 1:00 I don't really know what you're doing here with the effects but it sounds cool reminds and reminds me a pink floyd instrumental and once the full drums come in kind of reminds me of REM

i felt like the vocals didnt really fit in the song and ruined the flow/mood the instruments set. the solo is sick though haha i can tell you really love expirementing with cool effects

other then that cool song listen to
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Thank you for the comments! I appreciate it! I recorded everything myself at home. Between these 2 songs, I have used Korg D3200 hard disc recorder & Cubase LE4 on the first song, and Roland VS-880 hard disc recorder on the second song. On "Take It All Away", I think I used Tom Scholz Soloist (and its chorus effect) on all guitar parts (I used an electric guitar on both songs, I have never recorded acoustic guitar). I used an E-bow and a talk box for the droning guitar towards the beginning.
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Thanks for your feedback on my live original, I'll return the favour...

Speak those words -

Firstly, cool guitar effect. Kind of like Boulevard of Broken Dreams, but a bit heavier. I also like how you've layered all of the parts.

Which drum VSTi are you using? There work well, but it's pretty obvious that they are not human - perhaps fiddle around with velocities and volumes to get a more realistic sound?

The vocal effect works well with this style of music, it's good man, I like it! Keep it like that

Good transitions between various sections of the song. But I agree with Kylepianoman that the synths need to be sorted out for timing in certain areas - make sure the delays are in time with the beat

Good job!
Got a confession to make first, I'd seen this thread once before and didn't comment because I wasn't sure what to say (I only listened to Speak Those Words that first time). I didn't dislike what I heard, but it didn't really grab my attention either.

With Speak Those Words, I thought the intro went on a little bit too long. I like it occasionally when an intro goes on long enough for you to start wondering where it's going, but I think there was maybe 10 seconds too much of it for my taste. Also, the ending came out of nowhere and I didn't really feel it fitted with the rest of the song, it sounded to me like you were doing a build up to the next song on the album, like you sometimes get when two songs fade into each other.

I liked the main portion of the song though.

Now I've moved on to Take It All Away, and the intro grabbed my attention quickly, partly because of how different to the other song it was. I liked the way the intro had two parts, with the single guitar playing something, then you move into a completely different section as the whole band joins in. Unfortunately, it lost my attention when the vocals started. Personally I'd lose the part when the vocals first kick in at around 1.45ish and move straight to the actual verses, and then add in some form of bridge section where the vocal melody changes significantly in order to keep the listeners interest.

Of the two songs, I think I preferred the first one, but the second possibly has more potential for growth if you were to revisit it in the future.

I have to admit , as much as I can appreciate the work you've put into them, this style of music isn't really my thing so apologies if I've been a bit negative - someone who appreciates this style of music would probably read my comments and think I was completely insane!

Thanks for the comment on my thread though - you must have a pretty bizarre job if you've worked with 2 different witches over the years!
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I took a listen to "Speak those Words". I really like the sorta frantic disco style on this one. I feel like the vocals should be louder and the delay on them could be lowered a bit, also the first guitar solo(lead line) to me sounded a little out of tune, maybe thats what you where going for though. Overall, you did a good job, very good composition, good job on the synth.

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1509496
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Thank you for the replies! The intro on "Speak Those Words" is actually a synth plug-in. The drums on that are Superior Drummer 2: most of the drum programming was from the factory drum patterns played by a real drummer (not saying that'll fool everyone to think I mic'ed some drums and played'em). I almost always sync the delays to the tempo of the song; I assume I did that for 'Speak Those Words". I am a mechanical engineer: engineering doesn't normally attract witches.
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Thanks for the critique man! I listened to "speak those words" and the only thing I can say is the crash is a little to loud on the drums and the vocals have a little bit too much effects on them. Good song though \m/
first off, i just wanted to say thanks for reviewing my music

Speak those words- I really like the intro, love the rhythm guitar tone and the synth stuff. it carries over into the verse very well. the phaser (or flanger, i can never tell lol) fit perfect in the song. it seemed like everything meshed very well

take it all away- intro is kind of long, as stated earlier. but sounds really cool once the drums come in. For some reason, i sensed an 80s vibe from those few seconds after the drums haha.... i like it!

its really cool that your music has been on the radio...congrats!

good luck to you!
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"Speak Those Words" is very unique, in a good way. It has this distinct feel to it, which I'm not sure how I would describe, and a Depeche Mode attitude that I absolutely love. The intro is cool, the solo is cool...it's just a cool song in general.

In "Take It All the Way" I love how you did that George Harrison-style intro and then transitioned into this very dark and deep sound. I personally think the drums could be a bit stronger and more driving on this one, but that's a fairly minor thing. Overall, pretty sweet!
Dude I'm so sorry it took me so long to get to critique your music!!!
Speak Those Words: Cool intro, the guitar seemed to enter a little bit oddly, but it synced up really well right after. Like always you have your own cool sound going on here, seems to be well thought out, the only thing you might want to do is pull the guitar up just a little.
Take It All Away: Nice job with this one, nice intro, it has a great flow to it! Nice job with the drums on this one, it builds up really well, I had some trouble deciphering all the lyrics, but it was still good.
Hi, sorry for taking so long for doing the C4C, i was away on holidays.

Speak Those Words :
nice intro. As with previous songs i've heard from you, good use of synth. The one that comes at 0:51 to conclude the intro is really good. The vocals goes really well with this type of music i think. One thing i would have done is bring the guitar solo a bit more forward.

Overall, nice song !

ok nice and clean!! weoooo the guitar is like a nice slice of cake WHY IS THAT SYNTH SO LOUD MR ARDCVARK?

does not need, EQ already lets it cut! IT ROBS from the drums but I like where this is so far.

YES it definitely needs to be quieter for maximum enjoyment. the vocals come in at an interesting time, but i quite like your over-vibrato style.

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Thank you for the reviews! I appreciate it! Why is the synth so loud? Because I was more into the synths than the guitar or drums in "Speak Those Words". I can understand why people say the synth is too loud though.