Hey thanks for the critique
This is extremely impressive! I wish I could finger pick like that, your song is very good, it has a good flow to it, a nice quality, and if I heard correctly the piano filled any dead space up excalently. Great job! I cant wait to hear more of your songs
This is really sweet. Suuuuper clean guitar playing as far as technique and style are concerned. The guitar sounds like it could be a little less muddy to me but thats just a production thing anyhow, and even still its not too pressing of an issue. You have some serious talent. Love how the piano and guitar blend. Is this all just one guitar track and one piano track? if so I'm even more impressed

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1503490
This was AMAZING!!! seriously nice job dude! I'm really impressed!
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MattsRichardson, I taught my brother the piano part and to keep it subtle, we practiced it three times and then recorded it on a camera I take pictures with, I don't have access to good quality mics yet. Thank you for the responses guys!
Thank you for the recent review! Now your song: I like the guitar part quite a bit (playing is good and good melodies). I'm not convinced the piano always meshes with the guitar, maybe it's the timing; though I like some of the piano parts. I like the drums/percussion. When you get a chance, you can review my music at this newer thread here:

aaron aardvark, just to clarify there are no drums involved, the beat is a fingerpicking technique I've developed for myself.