Those dramas like true blood dvd season,disney movies dvd and American Drama of CBS dvd smallville are all famouse DVDThe Good Wife Season 3 dvd released the poster of third season, first female Julianna Margulies shows her sexy points on the poster and she is really on the temptation of cougars. The new season of this drama make people are full of expectation.
In the two pieces of posters about The Good Wife Season 3 dvd , on the first poster, Julianna Margulies wear the black ceremonial dress and sit on the chair to show her sexy point with the dress. On the other poster, Her silk underwear are so attractive to make the male audience go off into wild flights of fancy.
This drama is a good American legal drama which was created by Robert King, this drama is surrounded with the life of Alicia Florrick, whose Spitzer prostitution scandal, as well as by other prominent American political sex scandals, particularly those of John Edwards and Bill Clinton and what she will meet in her following life still make people so interested and her choice really make audience think more.
Some medium expressed that The Good Wife will put their attention on the sexy side from the movements that the drama showed.
Robert King, the scriptwriter of this drama responded informally to the surmise from outside when he received the interview by the magazine writer from TV Guide that in the third season of The Good Wife Season 3 dvd we will gain more Passion Plays.
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