Hey guys i have a pair of mackie sr 1530's and a pair of mackie swa 1501 subs for live use for the band. I was told you need a crossover to make the subs kick harder so I am about to buy this http://www.guitarcenter.com/dbx-234xs-Stereo-2-3-Way--Mono-4-Way-Crossover-106509490-i1849698.gc?esid=106509490 but before I do. Do I need a crossover? and if so, how do I run it through the mixer to the speakers. I have a graphic eq I'm also using
The link doesn't work, but I looked up the dbx234 crossovers (there are a few of them).

What you do is take the output from your source - say a mixing console or something - and plug those outputs from that device into the inputs of your crossover.

Then connect the outputs of the crossover to the inputs of your power amps.

Now, a very basic setup without a crossover can be done with a single power amp. The outputs of a mixer would go into the inputs of the power amp and the ouputs of the power amp would go to the speakers. If you have the speakers in series, the signal would go to the sub first, which would have a built-in crossover, and the rest of the signal would be sent to the main.

With a cross-over, you will probably need more than one amp. (called bi-amping, tri-amping). You might, say, go from a mixer into the crossover, and then the higher frequency outputs of the crossover into one power amp driving left and right mains, and the lower frequency outputs of the crossover into another power amp driving left and right subs. Of course, some power amps might have this "built in" and allow for multiple inputs/outputs right out of the box.

What would be helpful would be to know:
-what source are you *currently* using to feed the 1530/1501's ?
-what are you using *currently* to power the 1530/1501's ?
-how do you *currently* have it all hooked up?

What I'm interested in knowing is why you think the subs need to kick harder. Yeah, maybe you want them to kick harder, but if it is going to mean replacing your powered mixer (I'm making an assumption here) that is not capable of feeding a crossover with an unpowered mixer, a crossover and a pair of power amps, you might decide you need them to kick harder *that* much.

Your lack of punch could be the result of having things not hooked up correctly. It could be how you have things EQ'ed in your live board. It could be that the live mixer/power amps just aren't powerful enough to drive that setup. It could be a lot of things.


**plugging the outputs of a powered mixer into a crossover would be like plugging the outputs of your guitar power amp into another preamp. You'd either blow up the crossover, or blow up the power amp stage of the powered mixer.
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Edit: http://www.mackie.com/products/swa1501/

Looking up more on that particular sub...

It is an active sub. Feeding it with more power will only blow it up. Not that you could easily do that anyways, as it receives only XLR inputs. It is 500W and you have 2 of them. That's a lot of power. You could drive more power to a pair of mains, but that won't solve your problem.

I assume you've tried turing up the output level on the sub?

Maybe try turning down the overall level on the mains to achieve a better balance between the two?

The crossover on that sub is fixed at 120hz, which is not unusual. It, however, cannot be controlled.

Running another crossover wouldn't help, I don't think. It would send, say, an <80hz signal to the subs, and the rest to the mains if you ran a separate power amp for the mains, but I'm not sure how much you'd get out of that.

Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

I know it sounds crazy, but try to learn to inhale your voice. www.thebelcantotechnique.com

Chris is the king of relating music things to other objects in real life.
Right, first step, get your manuals together:

SR1530 - http://www.mackie.com/pdf/SR1530_om.pdf

SWA1501 - http://www.mackie.com/pdf/swa1501_om.pdf

The speakers are active (powered), the sub is active (powered), the sub has a built in low pass filter to itself and has a full band pass through to go to the active 3 way speakers.

So, signal path is brilliantly shown on page 5 of the SWA1501 manual, just use the diagrams showing the SRM450s as the speakers, you can either use 2 or 1 of the subs.

Ultimately, your signal path will be Mixer mains out through your EQ, then to the SWA1501 subs and then onto the SR1530 from the "Thru Full Range Output" of the subs.
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@axemanchris, I am running my mackie sr 24-4 to them. They are powered speakers. And im running the mixer through a dbx graohic EQ and then to the subs and then to the speakers
I think i just have them hooked up wrong then because they arent very loud. i think i need to turn up the level and hook it up correctly