Dude. this is a ball dropper.

sick as anything. transitions had me guessing at every turn, and the end was just mind-blowing.

however, no place for lyrics imo or any other instrumentation. So, for the sake of criticism, 8.7/10.

Flawless in its entirety so far.
Great! Definitely very progressive. The composition is very unpredictable, I loved the transition into the clean section. Transitioning back into the distorted guitar riffs at 2:22 was also mindblowing. I don't think you could've ended the piece any better. Simply ball crushing (sorry if I sound like I am modeling my post after Jerrell's, but what he said is so true). As the above post stated though, there isn't really any room for vocals, but you probably intended to make this song completely instrumental, which is fine because it's abruptness works to the song's advantage.

I would appreciate if you could give constructive criticism on what I have posted
The mix is a little heavy on the treble for me (in some places), but I'm sensitive to that. I would say this is prog. Not sure where it's going next. Parts of this could use some vocals in my opinion. Playing is quite tight. Some of it's really wild. Some parts are pretty heavy & other parts fairly mellow. I like it overall, some parts are pretty cool. Please review my music at this link:

Yeah, I meant this to be instrumental since I cant write lyrics for shit and I think vocals would just detract from the music on not just this song but my other ones as well.
This is some great songwriting I'd like to hear more songs from you.

If you want a rating I'd give it a 8/10.
Definetly prog ! techically good guitar playing/riffing but somentimes i feel theres no idea, its just notes after notes. But i really liked that changeing to the clean part and the clean part was awesome. And that tempo change at 2:30----> GOT BALLS Sound i gotta say, little bit too trembly guitar and drums. Afterall, good song, great job !

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Nice intro riffing, very proggy. Agree with what aaron aadvark said about the mix being a bit too trebly. Kick drum is a little loud maybe also. Nice clean guitar parts, sounds good when the distortion guitars come in again. Haha some insanely awesome rhythms going on here (2:22), would have liked to have heard more of that. It changes rhythm and feel a lot. It's definitely good to have lots of different parts to the song, but perhaps you could consider developing each section a bit more before moving on to something different, to give it a bit more of a flow.
Overall, very good though!

I agree with everyone else so far. It's too trebly. You sound like you were going for Periphery-style production, but you took the treble and kick drum too far. The cleans were reminiscent of Cynic's newest effort, which I liked. Hearing the bass shine through was a huge plus. The clean guitar tone is really nice.

2:22 sounds a lot like something Protest the Hero would do with seven strings.

Breakdown at 3:00 would have been a lot more crushing if it had some bass behind it. As it is, it's just dissonant.

Production wise, it's very clean. A little too clean, even. There's too much treble. The guitar is really well produced, but it sounds like there's no bottom end. That aside, it's well done and well executed. Cleans were phenomenal. Cheers.

As far as songwriting goes, I feel like the biggest problem was that there was no direction. It wasn't really progressive, just aimless. Good riffs everywhere, but they didn't really fit together very well.

C4C? I just finished Absolution today.