I'm fairly new to playing guitar (about 4 months now) and I need help choosing which guitar I should buy. I've got a limit of about £200.

I plan on playing lots of metal, mostly death and thrash.

So if you could help me decide between the two, or if you know of another guitar altogether it would be much appreciated
Well from what I've seen the Dean ML XM is pretty big, as are most Deans.
So if you're a smaller sized person I recommend the BC Rich.
But I'd personally pick the Dean just because it looks a lot cooler.
Hope I helped.
I like LTDs, they're pretty good guitars even the cheaper models. Really wouldn't recommend the lower BC Rich guitars, the NJ series and up are pretty nice but the rest is quite bad to be frank. They're really just for people who buy guitars because they look cool.
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^ +1. I neither recommend low end B.C. Rich guitars.. I bought one and it turned into my nightmare.. Fret Buzzing started, I renewed electronics... At the moment, it is lying in the parts 'cause of lose interest... With ESP Ltd, you can't go wrong.
I've recently bought the ESP Ltd ec50 (the white one )as second guitar, and it's a very good guitar, considering the few bucks it costs. Go for one!
In that case, go to a guitar store and try a few guitars. Pointy guitars are not bad per definition, but quite often when they're cheap guitars, they sound like crap, don't stay in tune and aren't comfortable playing, at all.

I myself have a strat-shaped guitar and I play death metal - it's all about the amp really. Plenty of metal guitarist( Björn Gelotte of In Flames comes to mind ) use Les Pauls because they're a good solid chunk of wood and usually have high output pickups.

Just saying, regardless of what a guitar looks like, try it out for yourself and decide whether you think it sounds and plays well. If you like the way a flying V sounds and plays, buy one! Just stay open-minded, try them all. Some guitars might surprise you.
Current gear:
Carvin CT6M
TC Electronics Dark Matter distortion
Harley Benton 2x12, with Celestion V30s
Laney Ironheart 60w tube amp
I unfortunately don't have any guitar guitar stores where I live, so i just have to hope for the best. And yeah I just had a sudden realisation of not caring what the guitar looks like, just how it sounds. So i'm currently swinging towards the ESP.
I own a couple of Deans that I absolutely love...but I wouldn't buy a Dean under $500. Other makers in that price range do a better job.

In addition, so many people are buying guitars because they "look metal" that the prices on those are usually higher than they would be (based on features) if they were another shape. You might find a better deal with a more traditionally shaped guitar.


(notice- not a pointy axe in the entire video)

IMHO, your best bet is to either save up a bit more money (about £75 more) while you shop around or try to find something used...and not as pointy.
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Ever thought about fernandez guitars? They make some decent models that are "extreme" shapes. Or a Jackson JS Kelly?
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Dimebag Darrell made a name for himself with a tuning nightmare, a Dean ML with a Floyd which he abused the shit out of. It might be more work to keep in tune but the Dimebag ML's are sweet. I had one with a Dimebucker and it could pull off some pretty wicked harmonics. ones with the Bill Lawrence 500s are supposed to be even better, but i've never been lucky enough to try them out