hey guys, i just recently acquired a charvel strat, i know its from sometime during the mid 80s because it belonged to the guitarist from aussie rock band uncanny xmen.
its been heavily modded so its hard to identify the model...
i tried finding a serial number database....charvel werent to good at keeping track of their guitars, i have a feeling its a jap import from what ive read (made in fujin gakki factory) although it has a fort worth texas neck plate.
the serial number is 253737
if anyones got a similar model or any info would be greatly appreciated!

to people of UG
- before you accuse me, remember I'm 17
Maybe send the guys at Charvel an email?
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All Charvels with the Fort Worth neckplates are Japanese made. They were shipped to the US, because the US offices of the Japanese company that was making the guitars was in Fort Worth.