Hey guys, I need help. Usually, I just pan my bass dead center, drums in the audience's perspective, rhythm guitar 55% left, lead guitar 40% R and a bunch of melodies usually around 80% L just to fill things in.

When I heard Oh well, oh well by Mayday Parade, everything just sounded so full and I couldn't get my recordings to sound like that. I know they layer on a bunch of stuff like baritones, but can I get a little help on how to achieve something similar? Thanks a bunch

Oh, and here's a link, incase

Thanks again
Double track rhythm guitars, pan them left and right about 96/97%, bass down the centre, lead guitar in the centre, if a melody is harmonised I usually put each take about 20% L/R. Vocals, I usually spread out the takes, usually I double the vocals and then put them about 15% L/R.
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Depends on what You want to achieve and how You want to sound like... panning guitars close 100% L/R will make it sound modern etc. bo it will sound obviously like two rhytm gtrs.

Most of the bands are unable to achieve that modern studio sound in live situation, it sucks bit time choose wisely.

I preffer more like 60-70% L/R, this will retain single guitar impression. Bass center, drums from a drummer perspective, can't tell much about vocals, I'm mostly instrumental.

PS. use some sends reverb to fill up the mix, like the lead guitar on right sends reverb to the left etc.
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I quad track and do 100/80 left and the same for right. Well it's between 60-80, just depends on what sounds the best to me at the time. That should help give you a pretty full range. You could also experiment with some stereo panning plugins and see if you find something you like. Really it just comes down to experimenting and finding the mix you're happy with.


Bartek - I haven't worked with sends that much, so how would I go about doing that?
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Bartek - I haven't worked with sends that much, so how would I go about doing that?

Make another BUS track & put Your reverb there, now send guitar track into this, You'll get Your dry guitars and separate reverb BUS parallel, try and blend them. May not work well with high speed metal and quad tracking. In a stereo situation it will fill the spots around dry guitars.
One thing though, do I pan the reverb bus? Or just leave it there? And how about sending say two different guitars into one bus? I never really get this sends and inserts thing