A freshfaced southern/groove metal band from the fields of eastern europe. Just got our stuff rolling nice and smooth - check out the websites. We got a big year coming.. eastern-european tour, couple of festivals back home and hopefully a full-lenght record. Peace.

HD studio video
good ol' MySpace

You can download the stuff from SC!

Joel / RR
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New drummer has joined our lines. New song I advertised is on the hold at the moment, but we'll try to put up some rehearseal videos or smth. Rock on!
Dig it quite a bit. I'm personally not real big on the whole "redneck" thing, but I love the style. It's refreshing that this stuff didn't die with the end of Pantera.

Keep it up!
Sounds decent, I see bikers and women of dubious virtue dancing around a giant fire True Detective season 1 style.