I have a BC Rich warlock deluxe series. It has a bolt on neck, tune-o-matic through body bridge, seymour duncan invader in bridge and stock neck pickup. Its about 6 years old and Ive already decided to get another invader for the neck and refinish it with a nice stain instead of solid color paint.

The main thing i need is some advice on is the bridge.. I really want to replace the bridge with a floyd rose. its a beautiful guitar and plays very well for an asian bc rich under 600 so i dont have a problem dropping around 300 on it.(when i get the money. lol) Is replacing a trhough-body bridge with a floating trem any more difficult than a non through-body bridge? I would like it to be floating with springs and all. Has anyone done this and can tell me if it was worth it and ballpark price? How about installing locks on the nut?

EDIT: For the pickup change and sanding.staining, ill do it myself. The floyd install will definitely be done by a professional.

Here are some pics of the exact model, although my fretboard is darker.. so i think mine is sexier.
Full pic
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For the ballpark do you want someone else to do it or you install it?
It is going to be pretty difficult, you would need to fill the stud posts and then get some templates to do the proper routing for the from and back of the guitar.
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You arnt going to be able to put a floyd in that, unless you really want the holes from the bridge studs showing. A floyd rout is not big enough to cover those.
And chances are, that wood doesnt look good at all under that paint. Stripping a painted body and staining it is usually not a good idea.
Itl definitely be a professional doing the bridge work.

And all the guitars ive seen sanded down look pretty good to me. if youre right and it doesnt look good, ill just put a 1/16" padauk top over it, woodburn some cool stuff on it, and then clear laquer it. I helped my roommate do that to a guitar and it was pretty awesome,,, i still think his guitar looked cool just unfinished though.
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Explorerbuilder's right about the holes from the string through not being covered with a Floyd. The only way to get rid of that would be if you filled them in, and that would look ugly with a natural finish. He's also right in saying that the wood probably isn't good looking underneath. Companys ushally save the good wood for natural finishes or higher end models. You might get lucky though, but there’s still the ugly holes that are going to be there. I would say paint it a solid colour again if you re-finished it.

If you put a veneer over it, you would have to figure out something for the contours on the top. Bending veneer to shape isn’t really that easy from what I have seen. Unless you just cover the flat part of the top. Also if it’s a set neck/neck thru, you might have difficulty putting a top on it.

The cost for a professional to install the bridge would probably cost more/most of your $300 budget, but don't quote me on that since I'm not to sure on prices and were you're from. But it will be expensive.