Here is the song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-LKNHFmUKY
Here is the tab http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/b/basement/plan_to_be_surprised_tab_1076051id_18072011date.htm
I can't explain the sound but on the tab its the part were you play
x what is the technique for that?
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harmonics.. mainly located at 5th, 7th and 12th fret... just place your finger over the fretwire itself with out actually pushing down to get this sound
He's palm muting his strings.
You get this sound when you just lay your hand on the strings and strum down or up on the strings
its a mute. just cover those strings with your left hand and strum accordingly. usually gives you that "chucka-chucka" sound, or if you have a wah pedal on a "chicka-chicka", like in porn.
in the song you posted (I don't know why the guy who made the tabs thinks they will get album of the year - they will not), it is a the slight chucka-chucka before the harmonics.
@guitar rookie,
those aren't palm mutes. Palm mutes would have the fret/note you are playing (since in a palm mute you are still playing notes) in the tabs. (these tabs do not have that).
also a palm mute involves your right hand. The muting done here is done using the left hand.
That would be lefthand muting. Basiclly put your hand on the neck and mute all strings. Don't get a note, and not a harmonic. Mute them and then strum the strings.

Then those notes on the 7th fret. (7*) That would be harmonics. Just put your finger lightly over the fret and pluck the string.
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