Anyone got any experience with these? I'm thinking about buying a set to use with my phone since I keep breaking wired headphones by putting them in my pockets, but I thought it might be a good idea to ask the Pit (although that tends not to end well...)

I saw these and I thought they looked reasonably good, opinions?
I used to have a pair that came with my Sony mp3 player. The sound quality was great, and the Bluetooth had a really impressive range, about 20 meters almost. The only problems were the fact they occasionally needed charging and the occasional cut out in the sound, and since my hair covered the headphones without the cable no one could tell is was listening to music, which could sometimes be awkward.

I suppose it depends on the pair but if you get a decent one they are a good investment.
Yeah, we sell them at my store. Dunno about those brands, but the Sony ones work great.