this may be stupid but: ive been a fan of sonic youth's work for a while now. my band so far has been playing mediocre pop punk and im desperately trying to make our music sound unique. im basically looking for a 100% sound off of dirty, the random array of noise that works perfectly to the song, i just have no idea how to do it. ive heard that all you need to do is crank up the volume and the gain and then go all ballistic on your guitar, but is there a different way to get the feedback/noise? do pedals help (delay?) do you need a tube amp (right now i have a fender frontman 212r)
if it matters: current pedals: boss ds1, eh big muff pi, and a crybaby wah
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A lot of Sonic Youth's noise can be attributed to their bizarre tunings + their practice of putting screw drivers and other instruments on their frets to attain a different sound.

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