Hello, I have an old ''Framus Strato 6'' and its sounds pretty good but, on my bridge pickup when i put distortion on, it gives a high bleep/tone/noise/sound, only when im not strumming any strings, even if i mute all string with my hands, it gives the annoying bleep, and its only my bridge pickups, is it something i can fix? or is my guitar just to old...?
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Is it feedback?

well, i dont know... its not on my neck pickup, and there is denfentaly something wrong with it, and the pickups are also rusty and the guitar has not been used over 20 years, but it still sounds so fricking awesome... i have a solid state amp but if im playing with this guitar if feels like im playing on a mesa boogie, compared to my fender bullets strat...
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Thats 60 cycle hum, where single coils pick up radio and electronic signals and sort of, amplify them

To negate it a bit you'd have to get a noise gate, roll off the volume when you have you pause inbetween a song, or get it wax potted (or get shielding) to cut it down.
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