it sounds like a black dahlia song b-side that embarrassed them too much to put it on the album. which is basically thy art is murder, so i guess you got what you wanted.

and that was...not djent. i don't...what.
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Djent is not art.

Djent is maths.

And this is neither djent nor very good. I'll try to explain why as to not sound like a dick:

For how basic the intro riff was it went on far too long.

The verse riffs don't sound good.

That "gent" breakdown was what is called in the business a Death Slam, nothing djenty about it.

The speed "jent" riff was infact just a standard pedal riff.

The solo's sounded more like an exercise in how much wank you could play instead of something musical.

And the choruses... I dunno something just didn't seem right.

You might want to learn what djent is (and how to spell it) before writing it.

Then again if you're aiming for something as low as TAIM then maybe you've done the job...
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Djent is shit anyway.
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Not Djent at all.

something i would name "THE" Djent song

Try at least to play some off-beat riffs to make it a bit more interesting

try to structure your song better, all riffs, verse/chorus/breakdown etc. seem like separate parts thrown in together, they dont lead into each other. Youre loosing listener every time riff changes.

Dont know if you noticed, but solo is drilling scale in 32nd notes at 145, which equals to 16thn notes at 290 and thats a tad over 19 notes a second. You sure you can play that buddy?
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